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Peter J. Francis, Editor

Peter J. Francis, Thesis Editor

My thesis and dissertation proofreading service includes ensuring your thesis follows required academic style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) plus all grammar, spelling, punctuation, and wording. Your thesis or dissertation is the culmination of a lot of hard work and research. You don't want to entrust its proofreading to just anyone, especially some anonymous thesis proofreading service. But you're still a student, and money is tight. I have 45 years of editing experience, and you deserve the personal attention I give to every document at HGPublishing. Don't take a chance, get the first 1000 words completed as a no-obligation sample edit, so you can judge the quality of my work before you commit to payment.

An editing certificate is available on request for no extra charge.

Thesis editing starts at $120. Full price is set at 2 cents per word for the first 6000 words and 1.67 cents per word for additional words. I can edit in all subject areas.

Enter the length of your thesis into the sample edit request form, and the form will calculate a price and how long the editing will take. When I do the sample edit, I can get a better idea of the total time so I can possibly offer a discount on the posted price or negotiate with you for a faster return.

I highly recommend HyperGraphix for excellent customer service, such as accurate and professional editing, good time to return the work, and easy format of its website.
--Erika, Calgary, AB (Master's Thesis)

Proofreading Service

Basic proofreading for any essay, regardless of length, is only 1.5 cents per word. That's $3.75 for a 250 word page. At that level of service, all grammar, typos, and wording errors will be corrected. Basic proofreading is only available for writers who are already writing good basic English and who need a professional editor to go over the work to fix occasional errors of grammar and typographical errors. Basic proofreading does not include editing for academic style. Click here to see a sample of basic proofreading.

Essay Editing Service

Many graduate students have found they benefited from my essay editing service during their coursework in support of their advanced degree. Although you may be taking courses to prepare you to research and write your thesis or dissertation, my experience is that they don't focus on the technical details of the reference style. Your dissertation is both your academic legacy and the key to opening the door to your professional opportunities. Obtaining essay editing services will help you to learn the details of correct academic writing that will prepare you for the next step in your career.

Essay Editing at 1.75 cents per word is available for any length of essay and includes editing for academic style; however, you will find a price advantage in ordering through the thesis order form when the document is over 6000 words long. Essays over 6000 words long will require at least 48 hours return time. Any essay over 2000 words long with a return time over 48 hours or longer qualifies for a 10% discount. In the advanced editing service, I will fix all grammar and re-write or revise sentences and paragraphs so as to best convey your content. As always, I do not provide research or writing services, so I can only do the best I can with the material you send me.

Great service, fast response and high quality. Highly recommended!
--Mikkel, Copenhagen, Denmark (Master's Thesis)

After I return your proofread thesis or essay, I will answer any questions or make any changes until you are 100% satisfied. I know you are on a deadline; I will get to work right away. I've been in business since 1989 and on the web since 1999. I have thousands of satisfied customers. Check out some of my other testimonials!

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About Your Editor

Not only do I have an Honors degree in English, I am also a licensed teacher, with a degree and advanced diploma in Education, so you can be assured of the hightest grammatical and academic standards. I have been editing professionally for over 45 years. Additionally, I have studied significantly outside my fields of graduation; I've been a biology major and a humanities minor, as well as completing numerous undergraduate courses in archaeology and psychology. My inability to focus on one area of study as an undergraduate is now a strength, as I have a broad educational background. The range of thesis and dissertation proofreading that I've completed is listed below. For more information about my professional qualifications and to see independent recommendations, visit my profile at LinkedIn, a network for professionals.

Some of my thesis editing projects

In addition to the following thesis or dissertation projects, I have edited hundreds of graduate level essays at both the Master's and PhD levels.

Our Thesis Editing Experience

Just some of the thesis projects completed
Type Subject Topic
Master's Thesis Accounting Global Entrepreneurship
Doctoral Dissertation Business Institutional Logic
Doctoral Dissertation Business Consumer Behavior
Master's Thesis Business Corporate Culture
Master's Thesis Business Gender differences in Shopping
Master's Thesis Business Social Media Marketing
Master's Thesis Business Social Networking in Japan
Master's Thesis Business Petroleum Industry Analysis
Master's Thesis Business Innovation
Master's Thesis Communications Social Media
Master's Thesis Community Health Perinatal Treatment Disparities
Master's Thesis Dentistry Mandibular Ridge Resorption
Doctoral Dissertation Economics Corporate Governance
Doctoral Dissertation Economics Commons Dilemma
Master's Thesis Economics Banking
Master's Thesis Economics Banking Governance
Doctoral Dissertation Education Prison Education
Doctoral Dissertation Education Teaching English as a Second Language
Doctoral Dissertation Education Food Literacy
Master's Thesis Education Teacher Efficacy
Master's Thesis Education Brain Development
Master's Thesis Education Second Language Acquisition
Master's Thesis Education Learning Disabilities
Master's Thesis Education Teacher Collaboration
Master's Thesis Education Special Education
Doctoral Dissertation Engineering Project Management
Doctoral Dissertation Engineering Career Advancement for Engineers
Doctoral Dissertation Engineering Microwave Photonics
Doctoral Dissertation Engineering Electrical Engineering
Master's Thesis English Salman Rushdie—Magic Realism
Doctoral Dissertation Law International Arbitration Law
Doctoral Dissertation Marine Biology Coral Reefs
Master's Thesis Military History Political Theory
Master's Thesis Peace Studies Japanese Anti-Nuclear Movement
Doctoral Dissertation Political Science Regional Influence in National Politics in Argentina
Doctoral Dissertation Political Science Azad Jammu and Kashmir Governance
Master's Thesis Psychology Sleep Deprivation in the Military
Doctoral Dissertation Psychology Education of Gifted Students
Master's Thesis Publishing Digital Publishing Platform
Doctoral Dissertation Sociology Empowerment Among Immigrant Youth