PROOFREADING: 1.75 cents per word

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Basic proofreading includes proofreading for spelling, grammar, and wording. It does not include formatting for reference styles. To include formatting, please select one of the other editing services.

We support students using online learning platforms. Use our basic proofreading for responses to online discussion groups or short academic documents in all subject areas. Minimum fee now just $10.        

Important Notices

Please check my Editing Calendar for upcoming vacation schedules and approximate workloads.

Student Essay Proofreading

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Basic Proofreading Form

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PART 1: Proofreading Service Details

Proofreading Service
1.75 cents per word
(approx $4.25 per page)
Minimum $10.00

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  • Correct all grammar, punctuation, and word use;
  • Edit for sense;
  • 24 hour return;
  • Writing must be at, or above, the level of an average native speaker. Click here to see a sample of basic proofreading.
  • Does not include essay references. Please choose advanced services for editing of reference style.
  • Does not include editing for length. Please choose advanced service if you need the editing service to change the length of the document.

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PART 2: Project Details

Check if this is your first time requesting service from us and you would like a 300 word sample proofread before you pay (submissions over 900 words only).

The calculated deadline is based on 24 hours per 5000 words. Enter any special requests in the comments field.
Note: Rush Service:
12 hour service is available for Advanced Editing and Business Editing services only.

PART 3: Your Details

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Instead of uploading a file, I will send a link to an online document with permission to edit,or I will email the document separately. (Please note: delays in sending the document may affect my ability to meet your deadline.)
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You can pay securely through PayPal or with a credit card processed through Stripe. Request an invoice if this is your first time using our service and you'd like a sample edit before paying.