Free Grammar Help — Quiz 3 — The Eight Parts of Speech

Identify which part of speech is the red word.

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Many people are learning English as a second language.
English is used in business internationally.
But English is a difficult language to learn.
It has many irregular verbs.
And English has many spelling inconsistencies.
English verbs are the most difficult aspect of the language.
English uses main verbs and auxiliary verbs to express time.
Auxilliary verbs include will, do, have and can.
Past tense verbs often end with -ed.
Present tense verbs in the third person singular often end in -s.
Prepositions are the source of many errors.
We ride on a bus, or drive in a car.
I could be in a hospital or at a library.
My friend is over there and my home is by the road.
Learning to use prepositions correctly shows real mastery.