Free Grammar Help — Quiz 6 — Apostrophe Use

Choose the correct word to fill in the blank.

When all questions are answered, click at the bottom of the page to see your score.

Part 1: it's, its, or its'

The bird is building ___ nest.
___ good to invest in green energy.
Sometimes ___ impossible to say.
If I get an A, ___ a good thing.
That picture is not in ___ place.

Part 2: Plurals and apostrophes

My neighbor has two vicious _______.
Don't touch my neighbor's ____ bones!
My friendly _____ name is Ted.
We like to watch _____ .
Those _____ plots are boring.

Part 3: Plural and possessive names. The family name is in parentheses. Choose the right form for the sentence.

My best friend is Bob _____. (Jones)
Bob has 10 siblings. When the _____ gather, they need a big hall. (Jones)
I went to the ______ house at Christmas. (Jones)
The neighbors of the Jones are the _______. (O'Leary)
The ______ family car is a Ford. (O'Leary)