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My goal is Helping the World to Write in English. There is a page dedicated to each of the 8 parts of speech, English grammar lessons on sentences and paragraphs, as well as punctuation. On each page I'm trying to give a little lesson on correct usage with a little humor (humour for Canadians and other users of British English) and wit. (Sometimes very little!) Grammar can be fun. Please feel free to ask me any question about English grammar using the question link in the "Explore" menu. I will send a personal reply.

I asked one of my students to name two pronouns and he replied, "Who, me?"

And that, thankfully, brings us to the 8 parts of speech.

The 8 Parts of Speech

8 parts of speech

Each word in the English language can be classified according to how it is used. These eight types of words are what we call the "8 parts of speech." Click on each type of word below to go to a page explaining that part of speech.

More about the 8 parts of speech with examples.


Visit our pages on sentences for a complete analysis of:


How to construct a paragraph. Topic sentences. Paragraph Transitions. Paragraph Introductions. Paragraph Conclusions.

Punctuation: Hyphens, semicolons, commas

Common errors

The English language is complex and I'm adding more content continually. This is a work in progress. Many of my entries are as a result of your questions.

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