2023 Proofreading and Editing Prices

Our proofreading rates are set per word so you know the total cost before you pay. Our proofreading prices remain unchanged from 2022.

2023 Proofreading Prices per word

24-hour proofreading service

At 1.5 to 2.25 cents per word, my prices are competitive, but what really makes me stand out is the fast return. Order up to 5000 words with 24-hour return. Order up to 2500 words with 12-hour return. Some other services take up to seven days to return your work at their advertised price. When comparing proofreading services, always take into account how fast you want your document returned. If you're not in a hurry, then I automatically set a 10% discount for 48 hour service for essay and business services over 2000 words.

Why do business documents cost more? Academic essays are in a standard format. I know this format very well and I can move quickly through most documents, ensuring the writing is of the highest academic standards. Business documents come in a variety of forms. They may be industry analyses, business case studies, product manuals, letters, resumes, or annual reports. They represent your professionalism. Whatever format, I want to return a high quality document to my client. That means taking the time to ensure the wording is right and the format is correct.

Editing and Proofreading Services
Name Rate Comment
HyperGraphix ProofreadingHyperGraphix Proofreading Services

Basic proofreading 1.5 cents per word

Essay editing from 1.75 cents per word

Prices in US dollars, 24 hour return; sample edit on request

IProof.ca Canadian Proofreading
iProof.ca Canadian Proofreading

Basic proofreading 2 cents per word

Essay Editing from 2.5 cents per word

Prices in Canadian dollars, 24 hour return; sample edit on request

Thesis Proofreading Specialist
Thesis Proofreading Specialist

Thesis proofreading, all subject areas

LaTeX proofreading

Prices in US dollars; sample edit on request

Which service do I choose?

For any type of document with payment in US dollars, choose HyperGraphix Proofreading Services. The site has individual pages to order basic proofreading (1.5 cents per word for all types of documents), essay editing (from 1.75 cents per word for academic documents), business editing (2.25 cents per word for all non-academic editing).

For the same services, but charged in Canadian dollars, choose iProof.ca.

And for your master's or PhD thesis or dissertation, choose ThesisProofreading.com to pay in US dollars. You can order thesis proofreading in Canadian dollars through iProof.ca. Both sites accept orders for thesis documents written using LaTexT. We use the Overleaf site to edit documents in LaTexT.

Why do you have three websites?

I started HGPublishing.com in 1996 to teach myself web design and to support my business HyperGraphix, which was focused on desktop publishing at that time (the name Hypergraphix.com was already taken!). By the early 2000s, my business became more focused on editing and proofreading, and I started to expand from local clients as more people sought services through the internet. When the Canadian dollar dropped well below the US dollar, I started iProof.ca because my payment processor couldn't process two different currencies through the same site. To improve my search reach for people looking to polish their master's and PhD thesis documents, I started thesisproofreading.com. Although these sites have overlapping service offerings, you get the same personalized services no matter which one you choose. I have adjusted the prices to account for the currency spread, so the price is almost the same. My only goal is to provide high-quality proofreading and editing services to all my clients, regardless of the type of document or place of origin. For more about me, click About below.

Best Proofreading and Editing Prices and Trial Edit

When you place your order, you choose whether you only need proofreading (you understand correct writing even though you sometimes make errors or your document might have typographical errors) or editing (you need me to revise sentences throughout your document to improve its readability, effectiveness, or academic standards). You can even request a trial edit before you pay!