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There or their? Than or then? Free grammar help with these commonly misused words. Use the Question form to submit more.


Common Mistake

Should have vs.
Should of

"have" is an auxiliary verb used to form a variety of verb tenses. When we speak, we abbreviate "should have" to "should've". But we should have learned our auxilliary verbs better if we write "should of".

Site, cite, or sight

The name of this site is (a place; noun).

Cite this page if you want to prove your point (quote, or refer to; verb)

Seeing correct grammar is a wonderful sight (thing you see; noun).

there, their, they're

their vs there
Try it! Enter "there", "their", or "they're" in the field for each sentence.

I went to house.

They told me going to go to see Jay-Z.

I said I went to L.A. and saw him

They had never been to LA, even though cousins live .

than, then

Than is used to compare two things: I'd rather do this than that. He has more money than she does. More than 300,000 visitors...

Then vs than

Then is used to express an order of events; I will go to the bank then spend my money. We also use then in logic. If I go to the bank, then I will have some money. Think of the first condition as coming before the second condition, then you will see that then is the right word.

toward or towards

Toward is used more often in North America; Towards is used in British English.