Grammar Quiz on the 8 Parts of Speech

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I created a grammar quiz on the 8 parts of speech. Here’s the link. I find that students have difficulty with the 8 parts of speech because they find it difficult to differentiate the function of a word from the word’s meaning.

As I am not an expert javascript programmer, I’d appreciate any feedback, or to know if things are incorrect. Actually, while I was testing it today, I discovered one place where the correct answer was “verb”┬ábut the code thought it was “noun.” I’ve had to learn a lot of code to get things to work, and I’m grateful to all the programmers who post on-line free help for javascript.

It’s been fun doing this as a programming project, and I hope to develop it into something I can use with my students in school.

Grammar Quiz Vision

I have a couple of different visions for this project. First, I would like to find a way to create grammar quizzes for students that teachers could access. The current version provides both a score, plus the answers. I could modify it so that it only provides a score and have students work until they reach the required score, then move to a harder level.

I’ve also thought about creating a site where students could log on and enter their teacher’s email address, then do the exercises and have the teacher emailed the result. That could cut down on the marking for a teacher, plus there would be no “the dog ate my homework excuses.” (OK, maybe the internet ate my homework, which I’m already hearing.)

Got ideas for grammar quizzes or teaching resources? Let me know. Studies show that learning grammar in context is more effective than simply learning rules. I’m constantly thinking about ways to help students develop their writing skills.

So visit my quiz on the 8 parts of speech. You can leave feedback here.