Respect us Americans!

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A reader in Brooklyn New York asked the following Grammar Question:
Please tell me which is correct: “Iran should show more respect to us Americans,” or “Iran should show more respect to we Americans”.

The short answer is: “…us Americans.”

Now for the explanation. The word “Americans” is an adjective describing the pronoun “us.” It defines which group of people “us” refers to. You might not wonder about the grammar of the sentence “Iran should show more respect to us,” but you might wonder about which group of people “us” refers to. Should they show respect to Americans? Or just people from New York? Or self-proclaimed grammar gurus? The adjective clarifies.

As always, we use “we” as a subject, and “us” as an object. The phrase “us Americans” is an object complement to the verb “respect.”

Now, as a Canadian, I can’t use the phrase “us Americans” under any circumstances.  And I think the entire world should give more respect to us Canadians. I wouldn’t venture to comment on who in the world you Americans should give more respect to.

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